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Clean Room

A clean room surroundings provides a safe and secure surroundings that make it possible for to incase your already damaged hard drive from being further damaged and helps to recover as much data as possible.
A clean room data recovery is helpful if the drive is completely damaged and when data cannot be recovered by our experts from your place, it is brought to our place and opened in a most secure HDD clean room.

Safe and Secure Lab Environment
Our hard drive data recovery clean room follows all the standards and protocols required for working with the damaged hard disk. One of the main reasons that severely damaged or corrupt hard disks are operated inside the confines of clean room as even very small dust particles can accumulate over the hard disk, making the R/W heads of the disk to malfunction and data retrieval can be a big problem.

Data Recovery Doctor is proud to be Marathwada’s leading services to offer hard drive service in Clean Room. Our data recovery processes are handled by experienced technicians so as to ensure 100% data recovery in all cases!

What is important to Clean Room?

he delicate parts in the hard drives can be damaged due to dust particles, moisture and other air pollutants. The platters and the read write head are located in close proximity. However, if they come in contact with each other, the delicate parts would get scratched and your data will be lost for good. Also, the hard drive platters rotate at an enormous speed, thereby attract dust particles and pollutants. Any contact with dust particles would lead to crashing your hard drive data completely.

that’s why in cases where the technicians need to recalibrate head &platter or need to check the hard drive components, the hard drive must be opened only in a CLEAN ROOM LAB.

What is a class 100 clean lab room?
A clean room is an lab environment where air born small particulates are controlled through an exchange of highly filtered air using a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtering system, and through minimization of activities that generate particles. A class 100 clean room maintains less than one hundred particles larger than 0.5 microns in each cubic foot of air space. In addition to particle control, the clean room is temperature and humidity controlled to 70F, 45% RH.

Why Clean lab Room?
While performing data recovery, it is extremely important to prevent small dust particles to come in contact with the hard drives or the media you are working with.
There is a small gap in between the read write heads and the platters in a hard drive.
small Dust particles or smoke may damage the data area by penetrating into the gap due to which recovery of data becomes impossible. Since the experts recommend to work in a filtered air environment while carrying out recoveries,
we have designed and developed the clean room chamber to fulfill this very objective.

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